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  • Our World Is Blue Ocean Day Banner Ocean Day
    Our World Is Blue presents
    Downderry and Seaton Ocean Day
    Saturday 13th June 2015, 9.30am - 3pm
    Downderry Village Hall
    National Marine Aquarium
    Animation Workshop
    Underwater Entrance
    St Nic Sea Creature Challenge
    and much more - click to see more.
  • Relative DVD Available Now Banner Relative DVD Available
    Relative DVD now available

    Limited copies available, order
    your's now.
    Lots of Bonus Features including:
    - Making Of
    - Soul Reversal
    - Commentary
    £2 of every DVD goes to Marine
    Conservation Society.
  • Empty Fistral Tube Welcome
    Our World Is Blue is a new project started by
    Nicolas from Aqualise and Anthony from Mr B
    Productions. A unique blend of vision and audio
    created to inspire...

    Our World Is Blue - let's keep it that way...
  • Xcel Wetsuit Banner - Ed Smith Tube XCEL Wetsuits
    XCEL wetsuits have been supporting Ed and
    Jak Smith for several years and are now
    supporting 'Our World Is Blue' and we're
    stoked to have them on board.

    Click to see more...
  • Relative Watch Free Banner RELATIVE Watch it now
    Watch the full movie of Relative
    featuring Ed and Jak Smith
    produced by Our World Is Blue
    Shot, Edited, and Directed by Anthony Butler (Mr B)
    Watch it here FREE!
  • Soul Reversal Banner - Bodyboarding Tube Soul Reversal
    Soul Reversal is a role reversal of the
    perceptions of soul in the form of a short
    bodyboarding film.

    Click to see more...
  • Tim Nunn Photo from within the barrel Tim Nunn Photography
    "Tim Nunn is without a doubt one of the
    most skilled, fearless, and adventurous
    water photographers I have ever met.
    With years of experience in both photography
    and video, previous editor of Wavelength
    Magazine, and has written two books. Now
    Tim is part of the Our World Is Blue team
    and we're lucky to have him on board!"
    - Mr B

    Click image to see more...
  • Aqualise Banner Aqualise
    Spreading awareness through music.
    Helping to conserve our oceans for
    future generations.
    By creating awareness and through donations to
    to non-profit marine wildlife organisations,
    Aqualise actively helps to contribute to the
    conservation of our environment.

    Joint founder of Our World Is Blue.
  • Mr B Productions Banner Mr B Productions
    Specialises in 'In-Water' videography.
    Vast experience shooting in extreme
    water conditions.
    Producer of four professional feature surf
    documentaries and films released on DVD.
    Producer of a wide range of corporate films for a
    wide range of clients.
    Currently working on 'The Endless Winter'.

    Joint founder of Our World Is Blue.
  • Behind The Scenes
    Check out exclusive behind the scenes photos
    and videos of Our World Is Blue's creative
    Follow Mr B on location shoots.
    Check out Nicolas weaving his musical magic
    in the studio.
    Special making of videos showing all
    the surf sessions, lifestyle shoots,
    studio sessions and more...
  • Our World Is Blue Merchandise Banner Merchandise
    Our World Is Blue merchandise will be available
    from the Aqualise online store soon. Including
    All sorts of good things.
    10% - 20% of all sales will go to non-profit

Welcome to Our World Is Blue

We are a collaborative project, dedicated to inspiring humankind through music, video and other creative media to protect our oceans.

Our World Is Blue started with Anthony Butler of Mr B Productions and Nicolas Bullostin of Aqualise, coming together to create a project that encapsulates our passion for the ocean and creativity.

Our first main project is a short film called 'Relative' and a short bodyboarding film called 'Soul Reversal'. Both films are available to watch on this website now. We look forward to producing more in 2013.

Our world is blue, let's keep it that way...

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